Q: Are utilities included?

A: Yes – 901 Western will cover all cable, internet and trash. Each resident has a utility cap per month per floor plan to cover electricity/water.  If you happen to go over you will be billed back the monthly overage, divided by the number of residents in the apartment.


Q: Are there hidden fees or services costs?

A: No – any additional fees are discussed up front when signing your lease.


Q: Are students given priority when signing at 901 Western?

A: No – We sign leases based on first come – first served, so please don’t wait to sign your lease.


Q: Is there maintenance onsite?

A: Yes – we have maintenance onsite during normal business hours and a work order can be called in, or submitted through the resident portal at anytime.  We also provide 24/7 maintenance for work order emergencies.


Q: Is there a curfew at 901 Western?

A: No – we do not have a strict curfew; however, you are living in close proximity to other students so we expect you to be courteous, kind and understanding of your neighbors needs.


Q: Can I smoke at 901 Western?

A: Smoking is not allowed indoors by any of our residents or staff.  If you need to smoke you must be outside and must clean up after yourselves.  You can be fined for littering or throwing cigarette butts on the ground.


Q: I know the units are furnished but I am wondering what else I may need to bring when I move in.

A: Although this is not a complete list here are a few of the items we would suggest you bring or talk to your roommates about bringing:

Bedding (Sheets, Comforter, Pillows)


Dish Towels


Dishes (Plates, Bowls, Cups)


Pots & Pans

First Aid Kit

Trash Can


Alarm Clock

Iron & Ironing Board

Bulletin Board or Dry Erase Board

Pot holders

Drain Board (Dish Rack)

Shower Curtain


Toilet Paper

Toilet Brush

Bathroom Mat

Shower Caddy

Toothbrush Holder

Bathroom Towels

Mop & Broom

Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning Supplies

Laundry Basket

Laundry Detergent